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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 6, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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new reports from the ground in texas as crews battle dozens of wildfires. many burning out of control. a live report is out -- is ahead. the dow falling on fresh concerns about the economy and jobs. new polls show it is all taking a big toll on the president's approval rating. details on that coming up. box number three, the american girl in italy known as foxy knoxy is back in court. as officials hear new testimony in her murder case that is all ahead. unless breaking news changes everything on studio b. >> first, massive wildfires raging out of control tearing through parts of texas. officials say there are at least 57 of them burning across the state, blackening the land and scorching anything in the way. we are told the fires have already destroyed more than 1,000 homes and many more are
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said to be at risk. >> i got the things that are near and dear, legal papers, weapons, pictures, bank records. everything else can be replaced. >> got our kids and pets out. we just want to know if it is still there. >> trace: here's a map of the fires burning now after a year of little rain in texas, officials say more land is at risk of catching fire. governor perry warning people to take extra precautions. >> as these dry conditions persist, it is pretty easy to forget the potential devastation from one careless act. at this point we are urging people to avoid any outdoor activity which could conceivably start a fire. >> trace: earlier today, the governor got a helicopter tour of the damage at a ranch community west of austin. he's currently running for president, as you know, but
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left the campaign trail to deal with the situation at home. he says more than 100,000 acres have already burned over the past week. chris gutierrez is live in dallas. are they making any progress putting these things out? >> reporter: to be honest, that fire east of state capital of austin is 0% contained at this hour. take a look at this fire, 250 firefighters are working around the clock to put it up. it has burned 30,000 acres, this fire alone, consumed up to 600 homes in 20 subdivisions. has forced thousands to evacuate. this fire is raging out of control. unfortunately, it shows no sign of stopping any time soon. >> trace: there's no rain it has been dry there for months in texas. >> reporter: think about this, since december 3. million acres have burned in the lone star state.
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that's an area roughly the size of connecticut. it is bone dry here. you see this dark portion? that highlights portions of texas that are experiencing what is called an exceptional drought. that's the worst rating given. right now, 81% of the lone star state is in that category. we have resources from all over the country assisting in fighting these fires. unfortunately, we need a lot of help from mother nature too. >> trace: indeed, kris, thank you. >> police in carson city, they did, say three are dead and six wounded after a man with a rifle opened fire at a local ihop restaurant. two killed are said to be members of the national guard who were in uniform at the time. we are told the gunman pulled up in a blue minivan this morning, shot a man on a motorcycle. then walked inside the restaurant where the guards
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men were meeting. after several minutes of shooting he reportedly came out and again targeting other businesses. officials say he shot himself and is not expected to survive. no word on the motive. we will have updates on breaking news, as we get them. >> meantime, the dow taking another beating today as investors react to the greg debt crisis in europe. a jobs picture at home that appears to be getting worse. the dow is down 175 points. there is a lot weighing on investors' minds. this is new video from italy, one of the countries facing mounting debt problems. tens of thousands protesting billions in budget cuts to help stabilize the economy. last week the u.s. labor department released a dismal report which showed employers added no jobs last month. that's fueling fears of another recession. gerri willis from the fox
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business network is here to give us her two cents. what is the market spooked today? >> worries over europe that is riddled with debt. look at these numbers. greece's debt to gdp ratio just get to the overall economy in greece, 142%. italy 119%. it tells you something about the power of those economies and how they are overwhelmed by debt. if you remember when the "e" was formed in '99 the expectation was the countries would be able to get their debt to gdp ratio at 60, not so some of the biggest countries there now have more debt than economic might. >> trace: the big fear i guess is, double dip recession, right? >> you bet. you mentioned the job numbers from last friday, there was no jobs growth. 14 trillion dollar, producing
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no jobs. robert stkoller the world bank president saying the u.s. will not go into another recession. he says no recession in the offing for the u.s. economy. hope he's right. a lot of fears in the marketplace today that's what could happen. >> trace: gerri willis, thank you. you can seger everyday at 5:00 on the fox business network. news coming in on in national guard shooting we told you about in carson cityi0, nevada. we are being told the gunman has died. there were reports the gunman and his self-inflicted wound was dead. then the police said no he was in the hospital but still breathing. now they've con tpeurplted the gunman has died. -- confirmed the gunman has died and the fbi is now getting involved. two national guards men were
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holding a meeting when the gunman came in and opened fire and two of those guardsmen were killed. 8g do notevç
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as >> reporter: believe in america, mitt romney's plan for jobs and economic growth, 50 plus specific proposals much of what he has been talking about for the last 4 1/2, five years of running for president. he would cut spending, cut taxes. dramatically reform regulation in order to free up business. expand trade, crackdown on trade enforcement, particularly related to china. he says there are a host of things that can be done. he's been laying these things out in power point presentations for months this is his attempt to -- to set the economic debate for the remaining five plus months of the republican nominating race. romney casts himself as the man with the necessary private experience, creating jobs in the business sector. and contrast himself specifically against rick perry, the new national front-runner who spent much of his life in government,
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working in the public on the government payroll, as an elected official. romney argues his private sector experience and his job plan is what is necessary not just to right the economy, but to oust president obama and put a republican in the white house. >> trace: what are we hearing from the bachmann campaign, a day after major turnover in staff? >> reporter: ed rollins was the campaign manager. founder of the house tea party caucus, someone who was doing well in iowa and south carolina in the polls, until she won the iowa straw poll and rick perry joined the race. since then bachmann has been having something of a slip in the polls and struggling. ed rollins the now former campaign manager will stay as a senior adviser. the day that it was announced he bo be stepping back into a lesser -- he would be stepping back into a lesser role followed his statement to the res that it is now a two-person race between romney and perry and bachmann is in
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third that does not go over well with the candidate and the rest of the staff.,r?áfó
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>> trace: nearly a decade after the 9/11 attacks we have new video showing the fate of flight 93. it shows a cloud of grey smoke in the sky this is just minutes after the united airlines plane crashed in western pennsylvania. it is said to be the earliest video of that crash. the flight's passengers fought the plane's hijackers who were told we are trying to reach washington, d.c.. 40 passengers and crewmembers died. fox news channel is reporting on how defending our nation as changed over the past decade. we'll have a live report later this hour. word today that the white house plans to greatly reduce the number of american troops in iraq. sources tell a fox news the
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administration wants to withdraw all but 3,000 service members by the end of the year down from 45,000 there. defense secretary panetta is backing that plan. u.s. military expanders wanted at least 15,000, maybe 10 to 15,000 troops to remain. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. this isn't what commanders in the field recommended, right? >> reporter: that's right. general austin the top u.s. commander in iraq requested 10 to 15,000 troops remain. that was what he sent up his chain of command. now, multiple defense officials have confirmed to fox news that secretary of defense panetta has accessed to a white house -- has act wesed to a white house request to draw down troops and to leave just 3,000 troops behind if the iraqi agree to have any troops stay past december 31st.
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members of the joint chiefs wanted more troops to stay. net under pressure from the white house, has recommended just 3,000 u.s. troops remain. the president has not made a final decision and negotiations are still ongoing, a senior u.s. defense official tells fox the white house has reduced this mission to training only. 3,000 troops provide almost no ability for security operations, this official said. >> trace: you mentioned the iraqis. do we know what they want? >> reporter: today the head of the kurdish north said that if u.s. troops pull out too quickly he feared sectarian fighting would return. he was encouraging u.s. forces to stay. when panetta was last in iraq military commanders and even panetta himself warned of the dangers of leaving because of concerns that iran will fill the vacuum. panetta pressed the iraqis to make a decision then about whether any u.s. troops would
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be add to -- would be asked to stay beyond december 31st. no panetta has agreed to 3,000 against recommendations of field commanders and joint chiefs. >> if this is a decision of the administration, i'm triballed -- i'm troubled by it. it takes a great risk. >> reporter: the national security council is debating these numbers. the president hadn't formally signed off on it. the white house has pressured the pentagon to come up with a plan for 3,000 u.s. troop no stay. -- troops to stay. >> trace: jennifer0(, thank yo. now live to the white house press briefing. jay carney holding a press briefing this is streaming on it is fascinating it is all going to be about the economy. all week preceding the president's jobs speech thursday night. jay carney live at the press
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briefing you can watch it streaming live at police say she tied up her own hands and feet before hanging herself. now we are getting a look at the evidence from the home where she died. her family says the suicide story does not add up. next, her family's attorney tells us what they want done with this case. [ thunder rumbles ] what is the sign of a good decision? in the world of personal finance, it's massmutual. find strength and stability in a company that's owned by its policyholders. ask your advisor, or visit
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>> trace: breaking news out of texas. there are reports this is east of dallas, texas, 30 miles a bomb inside a car. this is on highway 80 at state highway 205. they've shutdown those highways in both area after reports of a bomb inside the
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car. bomb squad on scene or should be arriving soon. we do not know who owns the car or any details about why they believe there's a bomb inside. as the information comes in we'll keep you updated on a bomb scare east of dallas, texas. now to california. nearly two months after she was found naked, tied up and hanging from a balcony in her boyfriend's mansion cops have concluded that rebecca zahau killed herself. her family says no way. they want the investigation reopened. officials said somebody found the would dead hanging from that balcony in july. her boyfriend, successful drug company executive was at the hospital, because days earlier his 6-year-old son max had fallen down the stairs at the mansion and was critically injured. rebecca zahau was with the child at the time of the accident.
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police say witnesses and journal entries suggest she was distraught over it. they say her last call was to her voice mail, a message saying the boy was most likely going to i,bútñ -- going to die, which he did. dna on the rope around her hands, feet and neck all her own dna. her family says new evidence is casting doubt on the investigation. among other things, they are citing a cryptic message painted on the wall at the scene that read: she saved him4b, can you save her? the cops tell fox news they stand by their investigation. attorney for her family joins us live. ann, great to see you again. i listened to the press conference. very, very closely friday. boy, they painted a very good case for suicide here ann. >> what the problem is, there are some things they didn't talk about. i know you are extremely careful and thorough. we didn't hear the time she
3:24 pm
was gagged. we learned new information from an autopsy reviewed by an struggle on her body. also there were expert knots. there's so many things from the family. >> trace: let me take those one by one. you say gag. the police response was a neck in her mouth and the man who found her, shacknai's brother pulled that out of her mouth. they said there were no signs of a struggle in the room. there was no other dna on the rope or in the room they found. and this mess and they said that was scrawled on the wall wasn't her handwriting because it was in bold block letters. >> reverse order. the handwriting, the printing the family saw it and the police showed it to them and they said that is not her writing. this is in the third person. she saved him, can you save her? it is not in her voice saying can you save me? and the second thing in terms
3:25 pm
of their investigation and the shirt thing in the mouth. cyril wecht has said there were signs of a struggle. the family saw injuries. they said she was not depressed. journal entries made eight months -- anything else with respect to her state of mind was from six months ago. she wasn't depressed. she didn't have history of psychological disturbance or @&c >> trace: we learned that this her hand was loosely tied. they are saying thisi3as loosely tied. the incredible thing, if it wasn't suicide work is the motive? she just found out that max was going to die, two hours before she kill herself. somebody came in and killed her, for what?
3:26 pm
>> we are not pointing fingers. we are saying it is not suicide. that message is erased, there is no message. the family disputes she received that information we don't have evidence of that. the fact is, when you look -- they showed a possibility of binding hands behind your back, not binding your feet, binding your legs, having something in your mouth and going over that balcony. there's two footprints on the threshold then partial of a toe before the balcony. how does somebody bound like that get themselves over the balcony? it is the kind of case that demands more investigation. the family was first consulted last week with me. >> trace: i know the family wants more. police in coronado and san diego say this case for them is closed. great to see you ann, thank you. >> we just hope there is no
3:27 pm
rush to judgment. >> trace: thank you. new numbers showing the nation's high unemployment as well as poor job market affecting the president's approval rating. details on that are next the hunt for÷;ç colonel gadhafi could be moving to another country. as we get conflicting reports of where the libyan dictator may be hiding. a live report from tripoli is just ahead. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables
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in for shepareç smith. this is studio b. new polls showing the weak economy appears to be hurting the president politically. according to a "washington post" poll only 43% of voters surveyed said they now approve of the job 53% said they disapprove. both numbers beat previous poll recordsh7:]&6oz. new nbc news "wall street journal" poll found 44% approve, 51% disapprove. it seemsç the president fares worse on his handling of the in that same poll, 37% of voters said they approve. a whooping 59% said they disapprove. joining us now the assistant managing editor for the "wall street journal" owned by the parent company of this network. john, it is bad when 2/3 of those who voted for you say the economy is badly off
3:32 pm
track. >> yeah. it is bad particularly for president obama because he sees the numbers weakening in areas that he's going to need to command as he goes into the election next year, hispanics, women, independents. all those numbers are degrading for him. you have in our poll 73% of those who responded saying that the country is headed in the wrong direction. that is going to be momentum that is going to be a big head wind for him to overcome if the coming months. >> trace: by 2-1 john, they are saying his policies are the wrong policies. come thursday night, what do you do to convince voters, convince the american people that this time the policies are going to be the right ones? >> first his joint session of congress speech on jobs, our poll showed that the electorate is as unhappy with congress. it is not just the president.
3:33 pm
an the reduction in the payroll tax for individuals beyond the end of this year. >> trace: you make a good point. as much as they disapprove of the president, they are hating the republican members of congress. you've got that worked in here. i'm interested to look at this.
3:34 pm
they are talking about the disconnect in these polls. the disconnect is they are saying 38% of those polled, they want fewer. they want less government, 56% -- take that back. they want larger government. 56% want smaller government. if you are the president going into thursday nighticiáthat's a big number to look at. >> that's right. you see those disconnects in previous polls. what do voters want? they want the government to address the entitlement spending. social security, medicare, cut it back. what do the voters also want in the same poll? not to touch any of the benefits that i'm receiving from the government. it is a tug-of-war that the republicans and the democrats are going to have to contend with. it going to be difficult for republicans as well to deliver a jobsfç:uó message in the comig months. the candidates that are out on the stump, what do they say? here's how i'm going to
3:35 pm
stimulate job growth. at the same time, oh yes, i have to deliver a message on cutting back on spending that is going to be a difficult thing to match up. >> trace: john bussey assistant managing editor of the "wall street journal," good to see you thank you sir. back to breaking news out of carson city, nevada. we have just learned police have identified the gunman. this man who walked into an international house of pancakes in carson city, nevada early this morning, opened fire with what we believe is a semi-automatic weapon and shot eight people, two national guard members. now the police are saying this man is a local. a local man who lives in carson city and does not have a criminal history. the gunman, after shooting eight people, then turned the gun on himself. a short time ago police said that he also died at the hospital. again, two national guard members were killed. three others in critical condition. and three others or two others
3:36 pm
with nonlife-threatening injuries. we'll bring you updates on the carson city shooting as they come in to studio b. libya's missing dictator gadhafi is on the run. that from defense secretary panetta who says he does not know where gadhafi may be hiding. this comes as we get word of a massive convoy of libyan military vehicles which has apparently crossed into neighboring niger. a report from reuters suggest the convoy may have been part of a secret deal to protect gadhafi. u.s. state department officials say they believe the convoy was only carrying senior regime officials and loyalists, not gadhafi. a spokesperson for the so-called brother leader, reportedly told the syrian tv network that gadhafi is still some place in libya. and that he's planning and organizing for the defense of libya. did streaming live from tripoli.
3:37 pm
dom -- dominic di-natale streaming live interest tripoli. >> reporter: trace this was something. the column itself between 15 and 40 vehicles. people couldn't count all the cars as it sped across the border heading towards neighboring niger there have been reports this column was heading to a small african country that has offered asylum to gadhafi before. some rebels are saying an advance team was trying to set up a possible exile for gadhafi should he use -- should he go for that option. people were thinking he was in the town of bani walid and still may be there. right now bani walid is very much the pivotal decisive point in the battle for the last remaining stronghold of gadhafi. they were expecting to storm the city there today. negotiations have gone on with
3:38 pm
loyalists in a bid to get them to put their arms down and stop additional bloodshed. there was a report saying indeed, weapons had been put down and indeed that the loyalists were going to surrender. no confirmation of that. meanwhile, controversial news out of an arms deal between china and gadhafi's loyalist forces as recently as a month ago. supplying them with miss s and rockets. the chinese government saying it was unauthorized firms who had been arming gadhafi's forces and it was done without authorization. although it is going to cause complications for the transitional council which may need china as a future oil purchaser if it going to get revenues it needs to bring it back to its feet. further complication as mid all sorts of allegations of involvement between the united states and the united kingdom with the gadhafi regime as well.
3:39 pm
>> trace: dominic di-natale streaming live in what is now late evening in tripoli, thank you. lawyers for amanda knox say the evidence used to con fix -- convict her is worthless. new developments in a hearing to decide who is right. the latest and closer look from our legal experts is next. so benny, i'm proud of you. welcome to the 21st century. thank you very much. you're on e-trade. huntin' down stocks, bonds, etfs. oh i love etfs. look at you. why don't you show me your portfolio? i'd love to... i already logged out. oh no, it's easy, actually, to get back... see where it says history? there's a history? yeah, it'll take you right back to the site you were just on. well the last site... [ british vo ] and now, cycle complete. the male wildebeest returns to propagate the herd. [ animal grunts ] can you forward me this link? [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed.
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3:43 pm
this appeal? >> reporter: it looks as though it will hinge on a kitchen knife that prosecutors say was the murder weapon. they say on that knife they found amanda knox's dna on the handle, meredith kercher's dna on the blade an independent expert said the amount of amanda knox's dna was so miniscule it should not had been used to convict her. they say it was trace amounts of meredith kercher's dna not enough proof to show that amanda knox used that knife to murder meredith that will be the krugs of this case. trace -- >> trace: when will we know if amanda goes free? >> reporter: listen to her father in italy for this appeal. >> she is anxious. she glad that court is back in
3:44 pm
session again. it has been a long summer for her, knowing she is innocent. i mean, she anxious, she is hopeful. and she looking forward to a decision, hopefully by the end of in month. >> reporter: amanda knox's family hopeful she will be freed. of course, that would leave another family, the family of meredith kercher in agony wondering if an man -- if amanda knox didn't kill their daughter, then who did. >> trace: jonathan, thank you. knox's defense team and italian prosecutors squaring off on this dna evidence. let's take it to our legal panel. . john, you list ten to tq(ort.,k a lot of this -- dna is very suspect. a lot of legal experts in this country say that in this country would not have been enough dna to put her behind
3:45 pm
bars. >> that's the situation in italy. new experts are saying what the original dna did in 2000, fell below the standard of care, international standards of care the dna wasn't collected properly or stored properly it would change the result. additionally, as jonathan said, there were trace amounts. we don't know whether that would be sufficient to hold a conviction this is a body blow to the prosecution. i think the defense is very optimistic it will turn out in their favor. >> trace: i guess the key piece of evidence was this knife. it was found in the boyfriend's apartment, he was also convicted. they were first saying, there's not enough dna in the grooves on the knife handle to prove there was any connection between this, so-called murder weapon, and the crime. now you got experts saying, no i think there was. there was plenty and it was retested and confirmed. >> trace, what you have is
3:46 pm
arguing contamination this is a boiler plate defense. there's so much circumstantial evidence that points to her guilt. there's inconsistent statements she made about being at the flat at the time of the murder and then not being at the flat at the time. bizarre behavior, cartwheels. we have dna, forensic evidence is reliable. the knife believed to be the murder weapon has caused one of the three wounds found in knox's boyfriend's house. it has amanda knox's dna on the handle this is not a partial dna profile, a fill complete dna profile. it has the victim's blood on the blade, yes small amounts this knife was meticulously washed. what is getting lost the other evidence. you have the victim's bloody bra strap that is is filled with knox's boyfriend's dna. how did that happen? they say contamination because it was initially found --
3:47 pm
[ talking over each other ] >> they said it was contamination. hold on. it is a big deal here. they said it was contaminated. it was rusted. experts came in again and again in the appeal saying no that is not reliable. >> yeah. that's the problem in this case. if the dna is not reliable i don't think inconsistent statements orbitz czar behavior -- or bizarre behavior is the equivalent of murder. she could have touched the knife at some point it doesn't mean she took the knife and stabbed kercher and kill her. if the dna is in question the entire case is in question. >> quickly back to the bra strap. found during the initial search. then the crime scene was sealed. >> trace: the clasp. >> the clasp thank you. this does not mean that it was contaminated. in addition, let's talk about some of the other forensic ed. you have knox's bloody
3:48 pm
footprint mixed in with the victim's blood in the room that was staged to look like a break-in. how do you explain all -- you can't explain away all of this forensic evidence and dna evidence, trace. >> you look at these, the people who are in favor of amanda knox think they've got a strong case. it is a great case, we are going to find out in a month how it turns out. thank you both. now back live, mitt romney laying out his economic plan. carl cameron told us about this earlier this is going to be streaming on go you are interested to find out what the former massachusetts governor has in store. what his economic plan is and how he plans to create nor jobs. romney las vegas, streaming live on hours after the 9/11 attack, the skies over america were nearly empty. one of the few planes allowed
3:49 pm
to fly was air force one. hear from the man who was at the controls of that plane on that day, next. ♪ [ male announcer ] each of these photos was taken by someone on the first morning of their retirement. it's the first of more than 6,000 sunrises the average retiree llee. ♪ as we're living longer than ever before, prudential's challenge is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll ne to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> trace: breaking news out of carson city, nevada and that shooting at the international house of pancakes. fox news has just confirmed that five of those who were shot were national guard. two of them confirmed have already died. now we've confirmed that five of them, they were apparently holding a meeting inside the international house of pancakes this morning around 9:00 west coast time when a gunman went in with what we are being told is an automatic weapon and opened fire, shooting five national guards men among three others two of those
3:53 pm
guardsmen have died. police say they've identified the gunman. they've not released a motive, why he went in there and opened fire. they've now identified the gunman as a local man who lives in carson city, the capital of nevada. and he has no criminal record. we'll get you updates on the conditions of remaining national guardsmen in the hospital and the other victims in the ihop shooting as studio b continues. in las vegas, nevada, mitt romney is laying out his economic plan. right now he's giving it his jobs and his plan for the future. this by the way is streaming in full, on if you want to know how mitt romney plans to save the economy., 24/7. as we approach 10 years since the deadliest terror attack on our nation, fox news taking a look at how the job
3:54 pm
of keeping americad8 all >> we are trying to figure out whether we were about to be under attack whether we were part of it, no one knew.
3:55 pm
the plan was to get the plane moving as quick as possible. sitting on the sarasota tarmac was a big target. >> after taking off controllers told tillman an unidentified airliner seemed to be closing in on the presidential plane. >> as we got over gainesville, we got the word from jacksonville, they said air force one you have traffic behind you and above you. that's descending into you. we are not in contact with them and they should their transponder off. >> the plane turned out to be an innocent airliner. more threats were coming in. tillman asked for a fighter escort. returning to washington ruled out for safety reasons. they through to louisiana where president obama bush addressed the nation. >> freedom was attacked this morning by a faceless coward. >> next to nebraska before heading back to washington. >> after we descended into dulles, you can see the
3:56 pm
pentagon smoldering off to the left. the whole day came into perspective. our job was to take care of the president of the united states. >> the crew of air force one did just that. >> trace: -- at one point the colonel was told by the secret service there was an unidentified man at the end of the runway holding something so they had to takeoff in the opposite direction. none of the potential threats that came into the cockpit panned out. colonel tillman has now retired, he flies a corporate jet. the lessons of that september tuesday, nearing a decade ago, will always remain with him. >> trace: and with the rest of us. eric, thank you. >> continuing coverage of breaking news on studio b, after the break.
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here we go again. a september to remember. in three days of trading why


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